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Pace University's Masters in Media and Communication Arts

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Producing Corporate Video: What We’re About!

This class has been working diligently on a promotional video for Pace University’s Master Plan to consolidate Briarcliff and Pleasantville campuses creating a unified campus. The plans include newly renovated residential halls, more pedestrian pathways, enhanced athletic facilities and much more.

During the pre-production phase the entire class, instructed by the award-winning filmmaker Dr. Maria Luskay, tossed around ideas for an exciting, three to five minute video that would appeal to current students, prospective students, alumni and the Pleasantville community. The video was split and up into various sections that would cover everything the class’ client would want. They presented their ideas to Bill McGrath, senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Pace who is heading the plan, along with his team. After the video and its budget were proposed, VP McGrath and his team approved it that same day!


Michelle Birch and Caity Kirschbaum are the two directors for the opening and closing segments. They are trying to set the tone for the entire promotional video in an exciting and creative way. They have broken up the entire video into different segments —Community, Environment, and Athletics—beginning with their opening, incorporating its style to carry it on throughout the others’ segments and following it out to their closing. Each of these segments will feature what can be expected of the campus once the Master Plan is complete, all of which will look incredibly different compared to what we have on campus now.


Over the course of the past week, directors Alexandra Frye and Louis Guarneri drafted up a series of questions for Dean of Students Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo’s preliminary interview, as she will be the spokesperson for the Community segment of the video.  Dean Lisa’s voice will be featured throughout the segment, providing great detail about the changes campus life will take on as a result of the completion of the Master Plan. She will be talking about the renovations to the campus, the residence halls, Kessel Student Center and the new quad.  Dean Lisa’s preliminary interview is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9th in the morning from 10am – 11am.  Afterwards, Alexandra and Louis will document the interview, and begin preparing the script that will be used throughout this section.  


Eric Fortier and Yuan Cai are directing this section of the Master Plan video.  So far, they have interviewed VP Bill McGrath for his knowledge of the campus’ initiative to building green, as well as James Eyring of the environmental center for the purposes of scripting.  They have filmed James and his falcons, Elvis and Ophelia; also filmed was his hawk Merl. It was an interesting shoot considering how fast the birds fly.  Because of high winds, the first shoot actually had to be rescheduled! Next week, they have their shoot with VP Bill McGrath in his office. Next they will have to compile all of their shots and choose the best ones for editing in order to put it all together in the end!


The Athletics section has been busy filming over the past few weeks.  Vinnie LoBue and Daniel Parker are this section’s directors and their concentration has been capturing footage from all of the teams at Pace.  So far their crew has filmed football, volleyball, men’s basketball, soccer, lacrosse and baseball.  Coming up next on the table for filming is to get a few more shots for football and soccer, as well as tennis and softball.  They have also reached out for an interview with Mark Brown, Pace University’s Athletic director; he will speak about the impact the renovations will have on the athletics program and what it means to his department as well as what it will mean for future athletes.