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Producing Corporate Video: Progress in Production

This has been a busy and exciting week for the corporate video class! Production is now in full swing and the various groups have been shooting great material all week.

After conducting the preliminary interview with Dean Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Community group co-director Lou Guarneri transcribed the interview while  Alexandra Frye has been setting up shoot times with Dean Lisa.  As soon as we finalize a scehdule we will be filming her final on-camera segment.   Lou Guarneri is going to be filming B-roll on campus for the community section this week.

Here is a photo from the interview with Dean Lisa:

The Environmental group was able to set up a shoot with Bill McGrath earlier this week. Eric Fortier and Ethan Cai directed the shoot that took place in Mr. McGrath’soffice. After capturing shots of Mr. McGrath, the group is now ready to edit.

Here is a look at the production crew setting up for the shoot:

The Athletics group had an interesting week, which included filming underwater in the pool in Goldstein Fitness Center. The production crew was able to use an underwater Flip Cam to capture images of a swimmer taking laps in the water.

Here is a look at the pool-side production:

Finally, we have the screen shot of the week, taken from the pool shoot: