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Producing Corporate Video: Editing

Right now, directors are bringing all of their work into one place: the editing bay. 

Last week, Community wrapped up their shooting of Deal Lisa and the time lapse shot of the students throughout the Kessel Student Center. Several others helped Lou Guarneri and Alexandra Frye execute the shot this complex shot that required extreme and precise choreography. 

As editors are piecing it all together, Kayla Turner is working on architectural software, creating 3D images of the residence halls to include in the Community section of the final video.

While Community moves along, director Caity Kirschbaum of the Opening/Closing section has completed her hunt for the perfect music to set the tone of the video. Along with music, this section is also focusing on preparing the blueprints that will kick off each section within the video. Rebecca Pepe and Mark Robertson are assisting Caity by polishing up the blueprints to make them as clear as possible for the final video. 

Like Community, other sections are grabbing their music for their sections under the direction of Lou Guarneri; most of the editors prefer to edit to a beat! Environmental section directors Yuan Cai and Eric Fortier completed capturing the voice over of VP Bill McGrath, and are now focusing solely on editing. 

Athletics wrapped up shooting weeks ago, and is currently compiling all of their athletic shots.